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Scaffolding NY

NY is one place in the world where construction work is almost synonymous with everyday life, the area more populated with modern and historic high-rise building than any other area in the world. New buildings are being erected every year and the existing ones need regular maintenance and renovation. Scaffolding is such an essencial part of construction and renovation that happens in NY every day that it's impossible to imagine NY without its scaffolds.

The most important thing about scaffolding is scaffolding safety. We are All-Safe, LLC, and safety is our job, so let's now take a few minutes to review some of the most important rules and principles we apply to make our scaffolding services safe for New York and for New Yorkers.

There are three basic types of scaffolding: supported scaffolding, suspended scaffolding and aerial lifts. Workers must be properly trained and certified in order to be allowed to work with - and on - scaffolds.

Scaffolding presents a number of hazards to workers and sometimes even to people who are not directly involved in scaffolding work. We'd like to list some of these hazards here. Fall from height is one such hazard, by the very nature of the scaffold as an elevated work platform. Low quality planking may lead to a fall. A fall may happen while doing the work, while climbing or descending, or due to equipment malfunction. A collapsed scaffold may present danger to a passerby. Erecting scaffolds too close to electric power lines may lead to electrocution. Maintaining and analyzing the statistic on the scaffolding accidents that had occured on construction sites not only in NY but nationwide, allows us to maintain high safety record and prevent scaffolding errors and accidents.

Fall protection is one of the key elements of proper scaffolding safety. There are four types of scaffolding guardrails: front edge guardrails, top rails, midrails and toeboards. There are three types of personal fall arrest systems: anchorage, lifeline and body harness. It takes training to learn the proper use of the personal fall arrest systems.

NY law requires scaffold workers and inspectors to be also protected from possible falling objects. Such protection includes hard hats, barricades, panels, screens, canopies or safety netting.

The rules of scaffold construction in NY are as follows: a scaffolding system must be fully planked by graded wood, a scaffold should be locked and stable, built of matching components and unpainted (the latter requirement is important because paint hides the joints, and that is not acceptable in scaffolding). The height of the scaffolding system must not be over four times the width of its base.

Proper support is the number one rule for preventing scaffold collapse. Properly overlapping planks prevent planking accidents. It's a challenging task to control a supervise every element of scaffolding safety at every construction site of our NY clients, and yet we make sure that every hazard is addressed and every safety rule is enforced and triple-cheked.

In NY, scaffolding must be designed, erected, worked on and dismantled by competent professionals. We are such professionals, and not conicidentally, our company have been entrusted with some of the most challenging and complex scaffolding tasks in New York. The list of our clients, available on our main website, speaks for itself. We'll be glad to provide you with more information on scaffolding safety, and of course, we'll be honored to build scaffolds for your construction business. You're welcome to call us anytime during our working hours: 718-389-9400.

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The following three photos are taken in the NY's famous Guggenheim museum. These are photos of one of our most interesting scaffolding project: the interior scaffold for creating the large-scale artwork: the Buren Cube.

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Scaffolding NY 3

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